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Insulation Tester - sanwa (Japan)

Measuring Range : 4/40/400/4000MΩ

Brand : sanwa (Japan)

Product Code : K-EIT-Sanwa

Delivery Time:1 day


Measuring Range: 4/40/400/4000MΩ
Test Voltage: 1000/500/250V
ACV/DCV: 600V (AC/DC Automatic Detection)
Open Circuit Voltage: 1 to 1.3 nominl test voltage
Related Measurement Current: 1.0~1.2mA
Short-circuit current: 2mA or less
Battery: LR6x6
Size/Mass: H170xW142xD57mm / approx.600g
Standars Accessories included: Test Lead(TL-112a) & Strap

  • Hot-line state (30V minimum) detection.
  • Large volt mark with the buzzer sound.
  • Automatic data hold function.
  • Bargraph just like analog meter.
  • Large display with backlight.
  • Easy to use & tough body.
  • IP54.
  • Display : numeral display 4000.
  • Sampling rate : 2 times / sec.

Fill up the FORM with Product Code: K-EIT-Sanwa & Quantity.

Mention if Calibration Certificate required. Calibration Charge: KWD 20/unit.


Insulation Tester - Extech (USA)

Measuring Range : 0.00 to 99.9MΩ , 100M to 5.5GΩ

Brand : Extech (USA)

Product Code : K-EIT-Extech

Delivery Time: 1 Day


Test Voltage: 250V/500V/1000V
Insulation Resistance (autoranging): 0.00 to 99.9MΩ , 100M to 5.5GΩ; Acuracy: ±5% of reading
AC Voltage: 30 to 600V; Accuracy: ±2% of reading
Resistance: 0.00 to 200Ω; Accuracy: ±2% of reading
Dimensions: 6 x 4 x 2.8″ (150 x 100 x 71mm)
Weight: 1.5lbs (0.7kg)

  • Test Voltages of 250V, 500V, and 1000V
  • Measure Insulation Resistance to 5.5GOhm (autoranging)
  • AC Voltage measurement from 30 to 600V
  • Polarization Index measurement (PI)
  • Dielectric Absorption Ratio measurement (DAR)
  • 10MOhm internal resistance test
  • Low Resistance measurement with Zero function
  • Continuity beeper
  • Large 2000 count dual display with backlight
  • High voltage and overload indication
  • Auto-discharge and voltage output warning functions
  • Low battery indication
  • Complete with test leads, alligator clips, 6 AA batteries, hard cover, and soft carrying case

Fill up the FORM with Product Code: K-EIT-Extech & Quantity.

Mention if Calibration Certificate required. Calibration Charge: KWD 20/unit.




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